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  • Introduction to layers
  • Discuss about protocols
  • Introduction to html
  • What is an html?
  • Introduction to editors and browsers
  • What is tag?
  • Discuss about basic tags of html
  • Discuss about head section tags
  • What is an attribute?
  • Discuss about an attribute
  • Discuss about textformating tags
  • Discuss about body tags(marquee,img,embed,anchor,named anchor)
  • Image mapping
  • Introduction to tables
  • Difference b/w th and td
  • Discuss about table attributes in notepad
  • Template creation with tables
  • Lists
  • Introduction to forms
  • Discuss about forms


  • What is css
  • Types of css
  • What is inline css
  • What is internal css
  • Discuss about properties
  • Types of selector
  • Difference b/w class selector and id selector
  • What is div
  • Template creation with divs
  • Difference b/w div and span
  • External css

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